Pet Emergencies

Pet Emergencies

At EVH we believe that you know your pet’s behaviour best. If at any time you are concerned about their health or they are acting out of the ordinary, this is considered a reason to seek veterinary advise or assistance as soon as possible.

As a general guide, the reason to seek a veterinarian immediately are physical changes. These can include:

  • a bloated abdomen in dogs or cats
  • seizure
  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • lameness, or not able to walk
  • not able to put any weight on a leg
  • dragging a limb
  • excessive panting
  • no urination or large puddles of urine
  • drinking huge amounts of water

In your daily activity there are also other troubling signs that you might detect. These can include your pet eating a toxin (see toxins information sheet) your pet eating medication designed for people or they have eaten a larger than advised dose of their own prescribed medication

Other reasons to visit a vet are;  labor, car accident, bite wounds, attacks, overheating (particularly in Perth’s summer months),  swollen face or possible snake bite.

The list above is more a guide to help pet owners. If you believe your pet is showing signs of distress, or other worrying changes please contact make contact with a vet hospital to get more advise and speak with a professional.

EVH Emergency Vet Hospital contact number 9200 4460

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