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EVH Emergency Vet Hospital is located in Wangara, near the city of Joondalup. Now open 24/7 I 365 days a year I 7 days a week to provide care for your pets. The vet hospital provides peace of mind knowing there is a vet hospital open to care for your pets when the unexpected happens, when things get busy or when your hours of work make visiting your regular vet challenging.

No 15 Minute Appointment

At EVH we understand that when with us your pets are generally very unwell and managing difficult health situations. Your time at the hospital usually includes diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plans, appointments, and medication schedule. This often involves detailed and complex medical information As a result the veterinarians and vet nurses make sure you have all the time you need to ensure the confidence to make the best decision for your pet.

In House Digital X-Rays

The hospitals digital x-ray machine provides our veterinarians with the ability to help diagnose what is wrong with your pet. It is utilised for seeing things your pet might have inadvertently eaten, assessing broken bones, investigating heart disease or identifying chronic disease.

The digital processing means the x-rays are developed in a matter of seconds. As pets need to be sedated before they have their x-rays it means they have less time under anaesthesia This ensures that your pet’s x-rays can be performed quickly and efficiently, which lessens the time under general anaesthesia.

The advanced technology in the hospital digital x-ray machine produces quality images assisting the veterinarians in making accurate assessments.

The x-ray images can also be quickly forwarded on to radiology specialists around the world who can assist in the rare cases where unusual readings have been identified.

In House Blood Tests

The hospital provides in-house blood laboratory. This means we can process numerous types of blood tests for dogs and cats quickly and reliably. When time is of the essence, our in-house laboratory is most helpful. This increases the chances that we can determine what the issue is, and then implement a successful medical intervention based on the results.

In this way, our laboratory allows us to be a proactive and timely partner in your pets health and care. Occasionally, the hospital needs to escalate a blood sample to an external laboratory. This can take a few days to process depending on the test and workload at the laboratory

In House Endoscope

The hospitals endoscope enables us to remove objects that have been eaten and sitting in your pets stomach. EVH has rescued underwear, socks, string, fish hooks, toys and bones. Using a tiny video camera, with very bright lights at the end of a very narrow scope, the surgeon can access the stomach via your dogs mouth to grasp or snare foreign objects.

The endoscope is used if the veterinarians have found a gastric foreign body. These are found through listening to your pets history and taking digital x-rays which show something unusual in the stomach. If a foreign body is suspected but not obvious on the x-rays, the vets will make sure by running a barium study. This involves ingesting a liquid dye and then taking x-rays. The dye will outline any abnormality within the stomach.

Once a gastric foreign body is diagnosed, an endoscopy be used to get your pet back to health. If there is an object in the stomach and then another further in the intestines then a different surgery will be recommended. This is because it is difficult or impossible to remove objects that have moved into the intestines with an endoscope.

Separate Cat Area

The hospital has a separate waiting area for cats. It provides a comfortable environment for cats to visit with less dog smells and sounds. The hospital also has a secluded consultation room and cat ward. These rooms are an important part of the hospital and contribute to creating a calm environment. The cat ward, is in a quiet and warm section of the building separated with doors from the rest of the hospital. This all contributes to reducing the likelihood of stress during your cats stay.

The hospital helps cats relax by providing beds which are not facing each other. A comfortable ward is provided where noise is kept to a minimum and very bright lighting is avoided unless there are times when this is medically required.

Every effort is made to ensure that during your cats stay in hospital they are comfortable and have some choice and control over their environment. To help make them feel less stressed soft bedding is provided.  Our Tuffmats provide a thick, non toxic, luxurious mattress base. Blankets and towels on-top provide a warm and supported bedding.  All these steps contribute to reducing your cats stress during their stay in hospital.

Dedicated Surgery Rooms

The latest exam tables, autoclaves, surgery tools and technologies are available at the emergency vet hospital. Just as with any profession, there are certain pieces of equipment every veterinarian must have at their finger tips to provide pets with treatment.

The two theatre rooms offer a sterile and safe environment in which veterinary surgeries are undertaken with consideration to reducing the risks to the patient. The hospital theatre designs found in the veterinary practice  use many techniques and technology derived from human hospital designs.

Our surgeons offer the experience to perform a wide variety of surgical procedures. These can vary from  soft-tissue surgery to more complex internal procedures and orthopaedic surgery. The experienced veterinarians are able to evaluate your pet and advise you on the recommendations and options available.

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