EVH Emergency Vet Hospital

EVH Emergency Vet Hospital in Wangara is open 24 hours 365 days of the year to provide care and support for your pets.

The hospital was designed and built in 2015. It features a customised layout with three consultancy rooms. The hospital has extensive treatment management facilities and procedure preparation area. This is supported with two operating theatres, digital x-ray facilities, digital blood, fluid diagnostic equipment, endoscope and oxygen support. This is all in conjunction with apparatus to assist monitoring and supportive care.  Our mission is to provide care to pets who need veterinary assistance.

The hospital has a team of veterinary nurses and emergency veterinarians. We provide reassuring and experienced veterinary advice. This is from communicating the diagnostics through to working collaboratively to establish a treatment plan.

Since late 2020 the hospital expanded their hours to be open 24 hour to provide care for your pets. This includes public holidays, weekends and nights. We are here to offer support and advice should you be unsure about your pets health.

Opening hours

EVH Emergency Vet Hospital in Wangara open 24 hours 365 days of the year to provide care for your pets

Monday to Friday: open 24 hours
Saturday: open 24 hours
Sunday: open 24 hours
Public holidays: open 24 hours

Emergency Vet Hospital Wangara External

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